The Modern Agriculture Foundation is a non-profit organization that owes its progress and achievements to its volunteers all around the world. The foundation needs volunteers who have the interest and drive to help push forward in many different ways the research of cultured meat:

Field work:

Manning marketing stands during open days and other occasions in universities to recruit students for projects associated with field of research of cultured meat. Likewise, raising interest in the academic world to the subject.

Online activity:

The foundation needs people with the affinity for technology and internet in order to regularly manage and promote our website and Facebook page.

Graphic Design

The foundation requires graphic designers to help with the creation of designs, memes, etc. for our website, Facebook page and press releases.

Photographers and editors:

The foundation requires video and still photographers, as well as video editors to help create content for press releases.


The foundation needs people with good English writing skills to approach parties that might have an interest in financially aiding the research of cultured meat.


The foundation needs people with good English and / or Hebrew, in order to translate articles and other texts that might relate to cultured meat.


The foundation needs people with good literary writing skills in order to create more relative content to be published on its website and other related forums.

Promoting the research:

If you are a student with an interest in entering the research field of cultured meat, contact us for guidance.

Want to join?
Contact us and we will get back to you.

דוכן הסברה של העמותה לחקלאות מודרנית.
Our outreach volunteers in action.