Born in 1979, Hovav has a B.Sc in Computer science and Mathematics.

Hovav began his way as an animal advocate during his mid-twenties. After two years of intense activism, he came to realize that the conventional forms of activism are not going to yield the change he hoped to see, on a global scale.

“My biggest hope is to see a technological breakthrough that would put an end to factory farming, which is the number one cause of the majority of problems in our world. Global warming, pollution of water sources and deforestation are examples of these issues. These issues and more will not be solved as long as humans continue to consume animal protein that is produced by raising animals.”

“I hope that the financial investment of Bill Gates and Sergey Brin in companies that are trying to find a technological solution to the issues on hand is only the first step on the way to acknowledging that the answer will be found between labs’ doors, and as a result, more and more wealthy personas will invest in cultured meat research.”

Hovav is the foundation’s technical manager.