Born in 1978, Ido is a project manager and strategic consultant in the computer software industry. He holds a B.Sc in computer science and biology and is a graduate of IDF`s prestigious “Mamram” program.

For the past 15 years Ido has worked in leading companies in the computer software industry managing and designing complex projects from ground phase to production.

"The livestock industry is the world`s biggest and most pressing problem which has a devastating effect on our environment, economy and health not to mention our morals.

The world has never faced a problem of such scales and proportions and it’s growing every second.

We can't expect to be able to solve it using conventional methods or relying on very unstable factors such as politics and human nature. Cultured meat is one of the only solutions that attacks the problem from its roots and has the potential of transforming the food industry globally and making the livestock industry obsolete."

Ido is the strategic director of the organization and a board member.